ease the loss of a support pet

How a pet memorial can help to ease the loss of a support pet

The heartache experienced when the life of a beloved pet comes to an end should never be underestimated, but when this is the loss of a support pet this brings many other emotions. We tend to think of the assistance provided by a canine companion, but in fact the need for pet support can also be provided by our feline friends for those coping with emotional disorders or loneliness. So how do you overcome the conflict of recognising the love and loyalty given by your beloved service animal or therapy pet when they are no longer physically with you and the need for a pet who will provide essential support? A pet memorial can help to ease the loss, by openly demonstrating to yourself and others that they continue to have a special place in your heart.

Friends or family may refer to replacing your pet, but this shouldn’t be seen as replacement. Welcoming a new member into your home won’t be a betrayal and your new support pet will have their own unique personality and way of  responding to your needs. It’s important not to hide the grief of a beloved pet’s passing which can be emotionally isolating and only prolong the recovery process. Memorialising a support pet enables others to see the depth of your fondness and respect for the unconditional love and assistance they have given during your time together.

You may find comfort in holding an informal burial ceremony shared with family and friends, or joining with others to scatter the cremains in a special spot in the garden or close by, which can be visited with your new pet companion. Pets Remembered recommend marking the place of rest with a grave marker or pet memorial plaque inscribed with a loving tribute, perhaps including a picture of your furry friend transferred onto a ceramic disc, which can help ease the loss of a support pet.

Sympathetic advice is always available from the Pets Remembered team, dedicated to help with the softening of your pain. Choosing a fitting pet memorial will help you to focus on the happy times you have shared together and that love will always endure.

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