How best to deal with the passing of a beloved pet

How best to deal with the passing of a beloved pet

Exploring the differing views on how to prepare for the loss of a much loved pet, there is no right and wrong way to bring a closure to their life and depends entirely on personal choice. It’s important however to avoid making hasty decisions when the pain is still raw, which may later cause regret. Discussing the wishes of other members of the family before the end of the pet’s life ensures that all are in agreement for the chosen way to lay the pet to rest. At Pets Remembered, advice is always available on all the options available, such as a pet cask or a memorial plaque which will be a fitting tribute to the joy they have given during their time with you.

If the decision is yours alone, you may want to take time to reflect on how you can show the same love and care you have given to your pet during their lifetime in the way they are now remembered. Some may say that retaining the remains in a pet memorial urn or marking the burial place with a plaque is morbid, but many find that in bringing the pet home for their final resting place there is comfort in a sense of continued closeness.

Children in particular can find the loss of a beloved pet not only distressing, but also confusing. It may be their first experience of death and enabling them to share in the celebration of the pet’s life with a simple ceremony, shows love and respect for the even the smallest of animals which may well have been their best friend. Most of us would remember the name of our first pet and the significant part they played in our childhood. A pet memorial also allows a child to understand that their furry companion hasn’t simply ‘gone away’ and to accept that life has a natural cycle.

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