Loving Memorial

Honouring your pet’s memory with a loving memorial

When a loved one dies, the grieving process is an essential part of relieving pain and restoring emotional strength. We all cope with grief in our own way and how we choose mourn is very personal. The pain felt after the loss of a beloved pet should never be underestimated and many find that in holding a simple loving memorial service comes peace. When a pet reaches the end of their life’s journey, making a decision on how to best honour their time with you may be overwhelming, especially if their passing has been sudden and unexpected. Unlike humans, they are unable to express their wishes and we are left with the responsibility of showing the respect they deserve. You may feel that holding a loving memorial for you pet is appropriate, marking a special spot you have chosen for their resting place.

At Pets Remembered, you are always welcome to talk through your feelings and to ask for guidance before you make your final choice. There can be comfort in preserving the ashes in a beautiful pet urn for example, where your companion will continue to be close to you. Friends or family who have never owned a pet can find it difficult to understand the depth of your loss, but by inviting them to share in a loving ceremony, they may well appreciate how much your pet meant to you and offer their support.

It can also help to write your feelings down in words that express the memories you have shared with your pet and how much joy your time together has brought you. This can then be included in the pet casket, together with a special toy or keepsake and the pet memorial plaque inscribed with their name and an appropriate message or verse. Openly mourning and visually expressing your feelings through a loving memorial is a positive response to loss, enabling you to adapt to life without the physical presence of your beloved pet companion, while ensuring they remain in your heart forever.

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