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How a customised dog urn can help you to remember your best friend

When your beloved canine companion comes to the end of their life’s journey with you, the feeling of grief can be overwhelming. Confronting your loss may be painful and you might find that your grieving proceeds in stages. These are an important part of the healing process, giving you time to manage all the natural emotions which follow your dog’s passing, such as confusion, sadness, anger and even guilt. When these feelings soften, it can be extremely beneficial to consider what would be a fitting memorial. A customised dog urn can help you to remember your best friend and to move on from grieving to loving remembrance.

Your dog will have been unique, with their own loveable characteristics and a personalised dog urn can be the perfect way to reflect the way in which you wish to remember them. Urns for dog ashes can be breed-specific and many memorials in the Pets Remembered product range can include an inscription with your personal message or a photograph of your furry friend.

If there are children in the family who are finding it difficult to come to terms with the loss of a much loved pet companion, encouraging them to share in the celebration of their dog’s life by helping to choose the perfect dog urn is often found to be greatly comforting. Deciding together where to place the memorial urn, can include considering where your canine friend would like to rest; in their favourite patch in the garden perhaps, or within the home where they have spent many happy hours.

The compassionate team at Pets Remembered are available to offer sensitive and supportive advice, ensuring you choose the dog memorial urn which is a beautiful reminder of a loyal and loving companion.

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