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How a pet memorial can help ease the loss of a support pet

The loss of any pet is a distressing experience, but when a support animal passes this can be emotionally overwhelming. They may well have been your link to the outside world, providing not only companionship but also a means of reducing any limitation in performing daily tasks and social interaction. The first thing you are likely to be asked is ‘are you going to replace them’, as if this is all you need to do in order to move on with your life. At Pets Remembered the bond between the pet and custodian is very much respected as a bond that can’t be broken with the passing. A pet memorial can help to ease the loss by marking the unconditional love the pet has given during their lifetime with you.

Although for many the choice of whether to share a life with another pet can be left until it feels right to do so, if you need help to continue with your physical or emotional independence it may not be practical to wait. This can result in feelings of guilt that you have moved on with your daily routine with a new animal companion, perhaps even more so if you’ve had to make the painful decision to euthanise your pet to relieve their suffering. A pet Memorial for your beloved pet can assist greatly in the grieving process, allowing others to appreciate your grief and to give their condolences.

Honouring your support dog’s vital role in making such a difference to your life can be marked with a pet memorial in the place you have chosen to lay them to rest or to scatter their ashes. A loving inscription on a headstone or plaque is a lasting message, showing how much joy they have given that will never be forgotten. Visiting their place of rest with your new canine support companion, enables you to share your memories with the newest member of your family in recognition that although the life’s journey has ended, they will live on in your heart.

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