dog memorial plaque

How a dog memorial plaque can give you a lifetime of memories

Anyone who has experienced the passing of a beloved canine companion will know that even though their pet is physically out of sight, this certainly doesn’t mean they are out of mind. During their time with you they will have become woven into the fabric of your life, sharing many special moments together. Rituals and traditions play an important part in helping to overcome the grief when your dog is no longer by your side. A dog memorial plaque is a loving tribute to a loyal companion and the lifetime of memories you have shared together.

You may find it difficult to express in words how you are grieving, feeling that friends or family may not fully appreciate your sense of loss, especially if they aren’t fellow pet owners. Pets Remembered understand the sorrow experienced when your furry friend comes to the end of their life and know that many have found comfort by placing a dog memorial plaque in a special spot where they have sat or walked together in happy companionship.

Marking a place where your pet has been laid to rest or where their cremains have been scattered, also enables others to see the deep love and respect you continue to have for your animal family member. A memorial tribute is also comforting for a child who may be experiencing death for the first time, helping them to understand the natural cycle of life and that love doesn’t end. Flowers can be laid together beside the memorial plaque and commemorated in the years to come on significant anniversaries.

The unique range of personalised hand-crafted pet memorial plaques and dog urns for ashes are made to withstand all season weather conditions and require no maintenance.  The dedicated team at Pet’s Remembered are on hand to offer sympathetic advice on appropriate inscriptions, or the inclusion of your canine comrade’s photograph. Dog memorial plaques UK are a beautiful tribute to a friend who will always have a place in your heart.

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